Los Angeles. Another reality. A swath of humanity is afflicted by a genetic mutation that prevents them from delineating time: the past, present, and future unfold simultaneously. The result is a savage, fractured society in which the genetic mutants possess no moral values, no regard for right and wrong, and no fear of death. There are no consequences to their actions; free will is an illusion.

REVERSION follows the story of EVA, a genetic mutant who longs for a normal life. After her surrogate son, RAY, disappears during a violent encounter in a supermarket parking lot, Eva runs into MARCUS, a past and future lover with fatalistic tendencies. As time collapses around her, Eva realizes that she will kill this man in a fit of rage. Determined to change her fate, Eva asks Marcus to accompany her to The Beach, where a rumored cure can be found for their affliction. Marcus is skeptical – he doesn’t need or want a cure. But he loves Eva and wants to be near her, so he agrees to go along for the ride.

The journey takes longer than expected – obstacles seem to multiply by the moment – but they finally reach their destination. Eva connects with a mysterious surf-guru named Nick, who advises her to abandon her gun in the sand. He does not, however, have any easy answers for her. Nick suggests that Marcus stay behind and spend some time in the water, but he tells Eva it wouldn’t do any good for her to stay. Reluctantly, Eva leaves the beach and Marcus refuses to stay behind.

Eva takes Marcus back to her commune. The housemates are unhappy with Marcus' presence and vote to kick him out. Eva ignores the request. Feeling empowered by her brief visit to the beach, Eva insists that she can change the future and choose NOT to kill Marcus when the time comes. Their happiness is short-lived, however. When Ray returns just as mysteriously as he disappeared, he sets off a chain of events that force Marcus and Eva into a brutal confrontation. In a single moment, human frailty, free will, and the nature of time collide to complete Eva’s quest for redemption and self-determination.